8 Tips When Hosting a Brunch Business Meeting

When setting up a meeting, choosing the right time is crucial. For many professionals, brunch (or sometime between breakfast and lunch) is ideal. It’s unique, it offers a more relaxed environment, and it has more food options. From making an efficient schedule to tapping a reliable brunch catering business, here are eight tips to help you pull off a successful brunch business meeting.

Be efficient with your schedule. Like any other meeting, remember that you should carry out brunch meetings as efficiently as possible. Plan the program strategically: Allocate a portion for eating first, then start things off with lighter topics. After the table is cleared, you can then move on to heavier discussions. Networking can also be done afterward.

Make sure everyone involved is informed. From clients and staff to your suppliers (e.g., brunch catering provider), you should inform everyone involved about the details of the meeting. In your invitation, include the date, time, location, and the contact number of a specific point person to accommodate any queries.

Stick to your budget. While meetings are critical for businesses, you should still be mindful of how you will allocate your budget for them. Create a budget plan itemizing your projected expenses, but don’t forget to squeeze in a contingency fund. This will help you keep track of things and make the necessary adjustments (e.g., should you find a caterer with a more budget-friendly package?).

Make the area conducive for a meeting. To set up the meeting area and make it more conducive, each person should have ample table space for eating and taking notes or using a laptop. If there’s a need to present at the front, make sure that the chairs are arranged so that everyone could properly see the speaker and his or her visual aid.

Stick to your agenda. Meetings are held to talk about things that need to be talked about in person. This is why it’s important to list down your agenda and stick with it as you progress with the meeting. In addition, it would be best to take note of any action items that needed to be done after the event. While taking notes, observe the environment and see what can be improved in your next meeting.

Get help from a reliable caterer. Why tap a brunch catering business? They will help you be more efficient when coming up with a menu, serving meals and beverages, and cleaning them up afterward. Meetings with great food are also proven to be more effective and successful.

Wrap up on time. Because you’re holding your meeting at brunch time, keep in mind that your clients will have other agenda for the day. So be respectful of their time and wrap up according to schedule. Your punctuality will also leave a great impression on them.

Do a follow-through. Don’t defeat the purpose of holding a brunch business meeting, and bear in mind that it’s an avenue to kick things off. After the event, be consistent and diligent in making follow-throughs. Are the goals of the meeting being met? Are action items being accomplished? You have to know these things before you can call your meeting a success.

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