The journey of สล็อต machines

To begin with, slot machines got their name after the tiny slots that are made on the gaming machines, to insert and collect coins! These สล็อต are very similar to those found in the PCOs and ATMs. Slot machines are a big hit not just in the US and UK but all around the world. 

The advent 

The advent of สล็อตmachines happened in 1891 in Brooklyn, New York. Two gentlemen, Sittman and Pitt, came up with an innovative gambling machine that led to a revolution in the gaming world. 

The original piece was designed to hold 50 cards in 5 holders, each of them based on Poker. Life would be so dull without some risks, these risks become more attractive when they offer chances of winning money! This concept of gaming with gambling took the world by storm. 

The machine developed by Sittman and Pitt became a part of almost all big and popular bars in practically no time. To have their chance the player had to insert a metal coin, usually nickel, and then rotate the drums with the help of the liver provided. If the drum after spinning stopped on a good poker card, it’s a win. 

Due to the limitations of cash inflow back then, direct payouts was not an option. The owners of the machines and bars would fix some kind of prizes, like a can of beer or a crate of eggs, depending upon how good the cards were. The Royal flush was considered the best win. Later the houses decided to remove the ten of spades and jack of hearts from the deck to lower the probability of winning, especially the royal flush. 

Liberty Bells 

The initial design of the machine was mostly manual and hence, complex! The biggest problem with it was that it was impossible to keep an account of the infinite winning combinations, permutations and give payouts for each of them. That’s when “Liberty Bells” came into the picture. 

Around 1895, Charles Fey of California came up with the genius technique of automatic slot machines. The new design now had three spinning reels, each reel had 5 symbols. The machine got its name – “Liberty bells” after the bell which was one of the five symbols. Three bells in a row would lead to the biggest win. 


Owing to the huge popularity of the สล็อตmachine in the market, it was soon copied by fellow competitors. By the end of 1910, there were thousands of slot machines, with different designs and symbols, available in the market. Some machines had patriotic flags as symbols while some had fruits, giving the slot machines another name of ” fruit machine”. 

However, it was only in 1963, that the world saw its first fully electromechanical slot machine. Developed by Bally, the machine was named Money Honey. One of the most striking features of the machine was its automatic payout mechanism. With the rise of Money Honey, the side liver and attendants became vestigial.

The craze of these electromechanical สล็อตmachines also predicted the predominance of electronic games in the future.


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