The Best Tips—and Tricks—For buy legit youtube views

With the sheer amount of competition on YouTube, it can be difficult to gain traction and climb the search engine ladder. It’s almost impossible to succeed without a few hundred thousand views. In order to get more views, you have to buy them.

YouTube views are the new metric for success in the entertainment industry, and they can help make or break a video’s potential and to buy legit youtube views is among one of the most popular methods to boost your popularity and your profit margins. 

In this guide, we outline everything you need to know about buying legitimate views and how they work. So next time you want that extra push in popularity, read up.

Why Views Matter

YouTube is the second most-trafficked site on the internet, with over two billion users per month and it’s much more than just a site for watching cute cat videos, though. 

The majority comes from content creators who want to make a living on the platform and more views equal more exposure and better rankings, which leads to more money from ad revenue and sponsorships.

So why are views so important?

Views are one of the most important factors in determining whether or not your video will be successful and every time someone watches your video, they’ll see an advertisement as well. 

This is known as monetization and all those ads add up to create income for you and the more views you have, the more money you make which makes it worthwhile.

Legit Views Versus Bot Views

There are two different types of views: 

  • Legit Views are a result of humans viewing the content of your video, which is why they’re also known as authentic views. 
  • Bot Views are generated by fake accounts or bots and Bot Views will never convert into Subscribers, Likes, or Comments because they don’t involve human interaction.

When it comes to buy legit youtube views, you want to stay away from any company that promises more than 100 percent guarantee on their services. 

Why? Because those companies are using bot views and those kinds of services can get you banned, even if the views seem like they have converted into some type of action like likes or comments, YouTube can still track the anomalies and ban your account for violating their Terms of Service.

The Difference Between a Real View and An Artificially Generated One

There are two types of YouTube views: real and artificial, Real views are generated when someone watches your video. 

Artificial views, on the other hand, are created by bots or software that can seem like an actual human is watching the video.

Here’s how they work: real viewers will only watch a video once while artificial ones will refresh a page over and over to generate hundreds of viewers and the most popular way to create artificial views is through the use of software called bots. These types come in many forms, but their main function is to keep refreshing pages on your behalf. 

Some services offer a combination of both real and artificial views for one price which means you’re getting more for your money, but it’s also important to note that these services may be adding some artificial views from other sources that could have been boosted with bots and then sold as real views.