Steps Involved In Shipping To Malaysia

Malaysia is a large country with an estimate of about 32 million people. When shipping to Malaysia (ส่ง ของ ไป มาเลเซีย, which is the term in Thai) you have to know the procedures involved.


To send goods to Malaysia (ส่ง สินค้า ไป มาเลเซีย, which is the term in Thai) complete and accurate paperwork is required. They include Original passport, a Travel visa, a work license, original travel documents, copies of customs service form, approved letter to your destination. Make sure that the list of the contents matches correctly with what is in your goods. In case of any electrical device or new product, you will need to make a different list for it, including the model of the product, the manufacturing country, its brand name and cost.

You will need to be a registered citizen of the country who have lived there for over a year or a non-citizen of the country with a work permit to be considered duty free in sending goods to the country.

Duty And Tax

You are expected to pay duty and tax fee for electrical goods and appliances which are supposed to have import permits.

Restriction And Prohibitions

Certain items are controlled from entering the country. Some of them include live vegetation, this because it needs endorsement from the country’s ministry of agriculture, video films because they must undergo evaluation from the country’s censoring board, Alcoholic beverages are subject to import duties, metallic objects which are manufactured from gold and silver. You can ship a computer system into the country without paying tax fees. There are goods prohibited from shipping to Malaysia. They include fireworks, explosives, weapons, pornographic materials, credit cards, foodstuffs, batteries, animal and animal products, medical samples and a lot more. Also, items which are offensive to the Muslim tradition is prohibited. For example, goods manufactured from Israel.