NSUK Asbestos Surveys – Location, Office Hours and More

Asbestos surveys are mainly considered due to its extra importance as it helps the people to know about any of the fraud in the building material.Earlier, asbestos was in high demand in the years of 1930 to 1970s, but later on, it was declared that it is risky for human health. When people opt for building insulation, they need to check the amount of asbestos in the building material so that they can have a safe side. 

People can opt for asbestos testing if they want to check the amount of asbestos in building material as testing is a kind of survey. It will help you to remain safe from the bad impact of asbestos on your health and makes your life safe in some scenarios. You should understand the importance of asbestos surveys to easily understand the amount of asbestos in the material you are going to use. 

The information below will help you know about the various aspects of the asbestos so that you can know more about it. It will also help you to enhance your knowledge about the NSUK asbestos surveyors’ various elements.  

NSUK Asbestos Surveyors 

  • Location – 

NSUK is located in Hampstead House, 176 Finchley Road, London, NW3 6BT. It helps the people to have safe and secure location details, which you can opt for when you need to know about the asbestos testing surveys. London can get huge help from the details and easily get to know the various asbestos surveyors. 

You can consider the official email if you need to book the survey via email and not from a call. This is the officialwebsite of NSUK to help you out in booking the survey for your building. 

  • Office Hours –

The major office hours of NSUK asbestos surveyors in London is like this-

  • Mon-Wed – 9 AM – 6 PM
  • Thursday – 9 AM – 5:30 PM
  • Friday – 9 AM – 6 PM
  • Sat-Sun – Closed

The timings can help you to have a knowledge about at what time you can apply for the booking of the asbestos surveyors. It can also help you have an appointment to learn about the surveys and various testing of the building materials. Before choosing the asbestos surveys, you need to grab all the entire knowledge about the NSUK so that you won’t face anyproblem after booking the surveyors. 

  • Contact Details–

If you want to bookthe asbestos testing surveyors via call, you can contact the NSUK on 020 3984 8412. This number will help you to reach the surveyors who will help you to know about the knowledge about your building material. 


You can get significant help from the above information as it will help you know about the location, email id, office hours, and contact details of the NSUK. NSUK is one of the most famous and renowned companies of asbestos surveyors, which helps you to know the ingredients involved in your building material. Try to be active while considering the information for better understanding.