Medicine of Veterinary

Veterinary medicine specialization is considered one of the most important and prominent specializations in international universities, which a large number of students seek to study, and it is defined as a specialty that is concerned with studying the animal biologically and how animals are treated in a scientific and accurate health form and also is an application of medical, diagnostic and therapeutic principles on productive, domestic and wild animals, and through Veterinary medicine is looking for medicines that treat animals and relieve pain.

It includes microscopic anatomy, biochemistry, histology, genetics, bacteriology, parasitology, pathology, drugs, physiology, internal medicine and other animal sciences.

Interest began in the past in horse and mule diseases, especially the importance of these animals in wars. Then the veterinary medicine profession rose to expand its interests and encompasses almost all animals, starting with pets from cats, dogs and different birds.

The veterinary experience benefited human medicine a lot when conducting experiments on animals, as this contributed to the development of medical science, vaccines and vaccination.

Veterinary medicine major

The College of Veterinary Medicine is an independent entity from the College of Medicine with a study period of 5 years, and there is no specialization during the study years, during which the student studies a large number of courses that increase and deepen his knowledge of this specialization, and he performs a large number of experiments in scientific laboratories in order to gain The experience needed to deal with animals.

In the first academic years, the student studies a number of courses that increase his experience such as: (anatomy and embryos, biochemistry, genetic engineering, poultry and fish, poultry production and production), but in recent years the study is more in-depth as the student studies courses such as: (animal management And poultry, health control of dairy and oils, internal diseases, general surgery and anesthesia, obstetrics and diseases of birds and rabbits, artificial insemination) and other courses that enable the student more in this specialization, and at the end of the fifth year the student submits a graduation project to obtain a university degree in veterinary medicine.

Why choose a specialty in veterinary medicine?

1- This specialization aims to prepare veterinarians and qualify them well to enter the field of work.

2- Qualifying the student to be able to open an animal disease clinic.

3- Veterinary medicine has a great role in not transmitting animal diseases to humans.

4- The College of Veterinary Medicine is distinguished by its diverse fields of work, unlike many medical colleges with different specializations.

5 – Choose to study this specialization who has a love for dealing with animals.

6- Provides the student with the necessary theoretical and practical skills so that they can use their science to work in diagnosis and treatment.

Comprehensive disciplines guide

The comprehensive directory of specializations

Work fields after graduation in the field of veterinary medicine

Veterinary medicine specialization is one of the specializations that provides the student with a large number of job opportunities and provides jobs with good salaries, including:

1- The graduate can open a veterinary clinic in which to treat animals and perform operations for them.

2- The graduate can work in the General Authority for Veterinary Services as a general superintendent in the veterinary epidemiology department and an observer in the plague cow department.

3- The graduate can work in veterinary hospitals and veterinary quarries.

4- Working as an observer in reproductive care and IVF.

5- Work as a sales representative in companies and centers selling veterinary medicines.

6- Working in laboratories for the veterinary medicine industry.

7- The graduate can work as a nutritionist.

8- The veterinarian also produces the therapeutic serum for some diseases in which humans and animals can be infected.

Postgraduate fields of veterinary medicine

After graduation if the student wants to complete his studies at the postgraduate stage and study for a master’s in veterinary medicine for a period of 3 years and during the years of study the student deepens in the field of veterinary medicine and studies many courses that increase his experience and in the event he wants to complete the stage of studies he studies the doctorate in the specialty that he continued in In two-year masters.

It is a specialty of veterinary medicine

Obstetrics and reproduction.

Artificial Vaccination.

Clinical pathology.


Internal diseases and infectious diseases.


Health control of food.

Anatomy and embryos.


Through these specializations, the student is provided with broader fields of work. Each major provides an opportunity to penetrate into the labor market:

For the Department of Physiology, Pathology and Clinical, a student is allowed to work in veterinary and human laboratory laboratories.

Specialists in obstetrics, reproductive and internal medicine work in veterinary clinics.

The food control specialist works in the ministries of health and agriculture.

The student can also join the faculty of the faculty if he is one of the distinguished.

We conclude from this that postgraduate studies in this specialization have many benefits, including:

Providing an excellent educational service to provide a research environment through which strong and innovative research can be carried out that qualifies for clear professional and educational progress.

Training students to use devices and take tests to gain the required experiences.

Organizing training courses in various fields to provide students with the necessary scientific and laboratory experience that helps him in completing and completing his research.

It informs the student of the latest scientific research to help him increase his knowledge.

From this article, we would have formed a simple idea about the veterinary medicine specialization and its fields of work and study stages. Whoever has love and interest in this field should join the study of this specialization due to the development of the veterinary medicine situation with the progress of science and its status on an equal footing with human medicine.


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