How to keep one’s instagram followers engaged?

When one opens Instagram for business purposes, he/she knows it more than just a social media platform to click pics and upload them. It’s been a long since Instagram was released, and through these years, it has created a strong customer base.

It has more than one billion active users, and the number continues to grow every day. It also means Instagram has a huge potential for businesses. To make these people, one’s instagram followers, they must provide something of value in return to them.

Just not provide them something of value, but also, keeping the instagram followers is one of the most crucial tasks of the account owner. Given below are few tips on how one can keep their instagram followers engaged so they won’t bore out:

  • Keep the posting content up to time:

Not every time zone is the best to post one’s content. The Instagram account handler needs to come up with a specific time period when their instagram followers are active and post at that time. 

The easiest way to figure out when one’s instagram followers are active is to use Instagram analytics.

  • Keep posting content that is entertaining:

Instagram is still mainly used for entertainment purposes rather than the business. Therefore one shouldn’t forget to keep the post and content entertaining to spice one’s instagram followers up. It will create a colorful atmosphere and keep the instagram followers entertained, making sure they will like one’s content.

  • Keep engaging captions:

One of the most convenient ways to keep one’s instagram followers engaged is to try engaging and strong captions. Instagram allows one to write characters up to 2200, so go wild and pour all thinking that should be done to write captions which is mesmerizing the instagram followers

  • Make the posts savable:

Ensure that when one makes a post, it is savable. Remember: people save posts because they will like they will need them again in the future. It is a great way to keep one’s followers engaged.

Making savable posts also has another advantage that people can share that particular post any time they want to the people they want to share it with.

  • Go live:

Using the Instagram live feature and live streams is one of the greatest ways to get connected with one’s instagram followers. There is a huge chunk of people who would rather watch live streams than reading posts and blogs.

One can try going live over Instagram at least twice a week. Keep the followers engaged by talking with them, asking them questions, and interacting with them.

  • Keep talking with the Instagram followers:

Once one follows all the tips that are given above, the instagram followers will start to engage with one’s account and content. This engagement will come in form of DMs, comments, and sharing content. Be professional and polite and try to reply to all the questions that one’s instagram followers have.

It will make them feel they are wanted, and the account is not just using them for money.

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