ENT Brooklyn Patients Count On  

Maimonides Medical Center provides ENT Brooklyn patients with the best care for various diseases impacting the ears, nose and throat region. The center’s otolaryngology practice treats those of all ages, from newborns to seniors. This specialty covers a wide range of services, including surgical procedures in the head and throat areas. Here are some of the services offered by their medical experts.

Children’s ENT Services

CDC estimates that there are 2,650 babies born with a cleft palate and 4,440 born with a cleft lip, sometimes both conditions. These children often suffer from ear and throat infections, speech problems and hearing loss. Your Brooklyn ENT professionals can offer otolaryngological care, often in the form of corrective surgery. Our pediatric specialists strive to make the process as comfortable as possible for children and their families.

Hearing Loss

About 15 percent percent of adults over 17, or 37.5 million Americans, report some hearing difficulties. For those living in Brooklyn who want to get their hearing tested or corrected, a medical evaluation from a hearing specialist is critical. Even young children can experience hearing loss, so hearing health can be an issue at any age. Make sure you find the best hearing and rehabilitative care in Brooklyn, NY.

ENT Brooklyn Treatment for Nasal & Sinus Disease

This is one of the most common areas of treatment for ENT specialists and includes some of the most common nasal and sinus diseases. Although endoscopic and minimally invasive procedures are common in this area, many clients can be treated with basic medication.

Head & Neck Cancers

Head and neck cancers make up about 4 percent of all cancers in the U.S. Each year, 65,410 people are diagnosed with some kind of head and neck cancer, and most of them are over 50. They receive treatment via a special branch of oncology dedicated to this type of cancer–particularly for tumors and other abnormalities. When dealing with the throat, sinuses, oral cavity and salivary glands, it takes the collaboration of several specialists, including surgeons, radiologists, and medical oncologists to compose a comprehensive treatment strategy. Brooklyn ENT specialists provide the surgical expertise to successfully remove or treat tumors and collaborate with the plastic and reconstructive surgeons as needed to complete the treatment plan and get you back on track.

Thyroid Conditions

Thyroid and parathyroid surgery require both endocrinologists and ENT Brooklyn specialist. As with other treatment areas, you will want to meet your surgeons so that you feel more comfortable about your treatment plan. The thyroid gland impacts many other systems, so make sure you understand your entire treatment strategy.