Dwayne Craddock’s Favourite Tv Series

Dwayne Craddock,the mass shooter who committed the slaughters of over a dozen people, held the modern trend and TV series responsible for the gradual change in his psyche. According to Dwayne, he was hugely motivated by a TV series and his commitment to his crime grew a strong bond as he thought of his works as not crimes but something through which he may be glorified.

Many people see their works as heroic deeds simply because the literature and TV series have projected them in that manner. Dwayne describes Breaking Bad as his favourite TV series where the protagonist, Walter White falls under the definition of a classic tragic hero. Walter has spent his life as a chemistry teacher who teaches in a high school. He is immensely talented and when it comes to understanding the chemicals and their change, his genius is unparallel.

Walter has led a pretty simple life living up to the expectation of everyone around him. His growing frustration is seen in the facts that all his peers are either a professor at some recognised university or are scientists working on ground breaking projects while Walter works in a car wash for side income. He gets no respect in his job as a teacher and he simply cannot get around the idea that his friend has built a multi-billion company on his idea, robbing him of millions.

He does not want their pity and he wants to live with dignity. Walter has lived up his whole life without doing something drastic or doing anything remotely unconventional. He has never smoked a single cigar in his whole life and yet, at the day of his 50th birthday, Walter finds out that he has lungs Cancer!

The crisis and the Fallen Angel:

Like all mad geniuses Walter does thing for the sake of doing it and not for the virtue or social recognition. The day he finds out that he has Lungs Cancer, he gets terribly afraid of his future and starts looking for option where he can leave enough money for his son and wife! Due to his luck, he comes across one of his old student named Jessy, who is now a cook of Meth and deals in those drugs.

Walter gets into that business but like all social climbers he does not stop at being just a meth cook. Not only is his products are best in the market his ego compels him to go for beyond being just a meth cook, he wants glory, he wants his alias Heisenbug, to be echoed in the underworld. Walter ends his journey on a tragic note, but his road to glory, marks an adventure of lifetime.

Like Satan in The Bible, Walter is filled with corrupt ambition and yet, his dynamic character and oratory are strong enough to demand loyalty from his subordinates, he is a valour’sminion and hence, Dwayne Craddock was so motivated by his journey that he chose a path of violence, without thinking about much of the consequences.