Do not make These Common Instagram Marketing Mistakes

We are often taught how to increase our Instagram following as we get to read so many informative blogs and see tutorials on how to increase the follower base. We hear about various tricks to attempt but sadly, we don’t see much information about the mistakes people make on Instagram which can cause their business a huge loss.

Here, we will talk about some typical Instagram mistakes which business owners tend to make.

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Not Interacting with Others

Among all the mistakes a very common Instagram error is when people fail to engage with other users. Consider that Instagram is a Sociable media platform, which means you must be social and as a business owner the fact gets more importance.

Make sure to communicate and engage with your follower base while posting content, stories, videos and always reply to their comments and feedback to make them feel important.

Participating in Games

According to many statistics, there are some individuals who play this stupid game where they follow and unfollow their followers, often make spam comments, etc. These are kind of not on the side of Instagram, and users can understand this and might lose interest on your profile.

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Inconsistent Posting

The most common error individuals make on Instagram is failing to post regularly. Or they do the opposite where they post so frequently that followers get irritated by seeing their posts on the news feed and this makes them unfollow those accounts.

Make sure you have thought and decided about what to post before contemplating any random thing to upload. However, if you want to see genuine growth and increase your account, you must be consistent and be smart about it.

To fix this mistake, you must examine your Instagram insights to determine the days and hours when your followers are most active like the time when they get back home after work. You may build a schedule for yourself then maintain it. Also, try to capture and edit photographs in bulk, so that you can prepare them by creating a folder on your phone. This way, you can be ready to post the content consistently.

Uploading Low-Quality Images

Because Instagram is a visual medium, and your content is the primary reason people will follow you so uploading low-quality image is a big turn off.

Using Excessively Broad Hashtags

Among many common errors, one is that people use overly famous and wide hashtags. Make sure to use not so common hashtags and use them accordingly to attract users.

Final Thoughts on Instagram Errors

These were the most egregious Instagram errors according to many Instagram professionals. However, there is no guarantee that even after knowing these points you will not make these errors. Our aim was to let you know so that even if you by any chance make any mistakes like this, you get to fix it.