Coffee Mugs – different types you need to know

Coffee is the favourite beverage for most of the people in the world. Most of them wish to have this beverage in their own special mugs. The first very mugs were made of wood, but it was hard to sip coffee using them. Then came copper or metallic mugs but there was a difficulty while drinking hot drinks. Then the concept of ceramic mugs came into picture overcoming all these things. As the time passed different kinds of mugs started coming in the market depending on the customer needs. Few of the types of coffee mugs are as follows. 

Types of mugs are based on the usage and type of material used for manufacturing.


Travel Mugs and Tumblers

It’s quite common thing that people who love to travel love coffee as well. So, there are travel coffee mugs for these people. Travel friendly mugs are durable and portable. You should buy these mugs in such a way that they meet your requirements. Not all of them will do this job. Your mug must be capable of holding the hotness for long time, should have a handle for easy grip, lids should be tight enough to prevent leaks and easily washable in a dishwasher. Tumblers can be considered a hybrid of general and travel mugs except the fact that they are insulated properly and cannot fit into the glass holders in cars.


Ceramic and Glass Mugs

Ceramic mugs are great choices as they are durable and last long without the fear of breakage. The quality that they can distribute heat evenly inside the coffee is what is making ceramic mugs famous. Glass mugs are good because you can see how much coffee is left and they look classy and are available in a variety of designs and shapes. Both ceramic and glass mugs should be bought with handles to avoid the chances of getting hand burnt because of heat.