Aftermath of a car accident: Find the right injury doctor

An unfortunate car accident can leave you in a state of despair. No matter the state laws, you may have the scope to seek compensation for your injuries, losses, and suffering. In a no-fault state, such as New York, you are required to file a claim with your insurer first. On the other hand, for at-fault states, victims can file a car accident claim with the at-fault party’s insurer. To maximize your settlement, you need to maintain medical documentation of your injuries, for which your choice of doctor will matter.  In this post, we are sharing more on how to find the top accident injury doctor and other things that matter. 

What type of doctor should you see?

You can choose to see a primary care physician, but if yours is a serious case of car accident injuries, the doctor will recommend you to a specialist. This also depends on the extent and nature of your injuries. As the name suggests, accident injury doctors specialize in treating patients who have suffered injuries in unexpected events, such as workplace accidents or a car crash. 

Make sure that you meet an injury specialist, even if your injuries don’t seem to be severe immediately. In most cases, car accidents result in back, neck, and spine injuries, which may need extensive treatment. An injury specialist can help in documenting everything that you may have suffered, including the impact of these injuries. 

Meeting an accident injury doctor

Ask around to find accident injury doctors in your city. When you meet a doctor for the first time, ensure to- 

  1. Share your symptoms in depth
  2. Check the experience of the concerned accident injury doctor
  3. Ask if they have seen patients with similar injuries
  4. Ask if you are likely to need long-term care, physiotherapy, or other treatments
  5. Ask about the line of treatment for the future, if needed

An accident injury doctor can not merely ensure that your injuries are treated, but they will also give a detailed overview of how an accident may have impacted your life. 

Consult an attorney

Once you have met an accident injury doctor, make sure that you find a reliable attorney for your car accident claim. Your attorney can use the medical documentation and evidence available from your doctor, to decide on the worth of your claim. A good lawyer will also explain all your legal options, which can be unique to your circumstances.